Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I really got to get this out of my chest,
It aches me inside,
What do I have to say,
Do I even need to say,
Why do I even need to feel this way.

The things I've done lately all have been wrong,
It's probably because I didn't put in much effort,
I'll try to be better next time, I promise,
The most I can assure is just to give it my all in everything I do.

Every night I ponder,
Am I the only one who feels this way,
Hopefully not,
Time move so fast,
So fast,
And I miss those old times, very much.

I thank god for everything I have now,
Even at some point, when I looked back,
I think I could do better and hope things were better.

But that's life.
I'll accept what it is and hope for the better :)

More shinny days ahead, I pray.

~Jo LyN~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

WhooHoo.. I'm lovin it

*currently listening to Lost, Coldplay*

Just a short update. Uni is getting pretty fun. Yeah, I do have many many many assignments and work to get done but I'm actually enjoying every single bit although I'm still yet confused and lost in some things. I also met some really fun to be with friends. Nice having them around.

Guess that's all for today. My eyes are heavy.
Good night people :)

Jo Lyn.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fresh start.

*listening to, You Found Me, The Fray*

It's been awhile since I last updated. Missing me yet? Haha, I'm not DEAD okay, just plain lazy and at times I just don't post what I wrote, I feel it's too personal and revealing too much of me and then I delete. Do people actually read my blog anyways?

Ok, enough of that. I'll be busy starting from next week. I'll be attending my orientation. Yeah, again. For those who are wondering what course I'm doing, I'll be taking biotechnology in Monash University. The Malaysia Campus. It is a 3 years course but can be extended a year for research programme. Not too sure it is the right choice though but hopefully I'll get through it. This course is soooo wide. I had to choice an elective. There were many choices actually and my eyes were on psychology but too bad, I was not able to choose that subject. The time for attending that class clashes with some other important lectures. Sad! I took quite some time to think.. There was Contemporary Worlds I and II but, I had no idea what was that all about at that time. So, that's out again. I wanted to do something regarding arts/culture/humanities or something not science, not theoritical. But finally, I chose Introduction to Management. I hope it is not a boring subject. I think it is related to business and business is good :) Haha, money making and so on.

Being alone in a new environment is a little scary. Afraid to be lonely :( I have no friends I know of going there. But, I need to start somewhere right? Learning to adapt. Some of my friends are leaving overseas already, and some of them had left. I once asked a friend of mine who just left for New Zealand to pursue his tertiary education whether he was excited and happy to study abroad. He told me, I'm a little scared. I'm all alone. *in the other part of the world somemore* NZ is not as close like Singapore/Thailand. It's way further. So I guess it's normal to feel this way. I'm lucky to be still here or instead I chose to stay here. Haha, nahh I'm just not ready to go yet. But yeah, if given an opportunity, yes why not? That's for the later :)

Guess that's all for today. Have a nice day. One more thing,

Swee Chin...

If you happen to see this, I wish you all the best, again and happy being 20. Have a good one. It's great having you as my friend.

With lurve,
Jo Lyn

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pheww.. finally

I just got my A Level results on Wednesday. I checked the results online. As usual, feeling very excited, scared and worried at the same time. My feelings were all mixed up till I didn't know what to feel. I hated that feeling, it made me want to vomit . It made me uncomfortable. I was not sure the exact time the results were out.

Then on Wednesday morning, after having breakfast with mum at the coffee shop, my friend, Swee Chin sms me. She told me results were out. And there goes, my heart beats even faster and faster, I quickly went into the website entering my user name and password. Before I pressed 'enter' , I walked up and down for a few times. I told myself no matter what, I still have to find out, sooner or later and just accept what I got.

Then, I logged in. *DUMMM*, my results were on the screen. I was relieved. I was happy. I was grateful. I never expected too much though. A Level was tough for me. It was not easy I can now tell you. It is easy to pass but difficult to score. I did not get straight A's but I'm happy with what I got. It was not something to be proud of. I did okay. The subjects I wanted to get A, I managed to :) I got a 'B' for my Physics. Ya man!! That's already good for me, I didn't quite like Physics. It is just so technical and at times, I don't really get those theories and stuffs. I felt like giving up after getting my AS level results, but fortunately, I retake the whole 5 papers again. Whee :) OK, enough of that.

What have I learned this 1.5 years? Besides understanding science subjects better compared to high school where I usually play around, I learned that one should never give up. Determination is what drives me up :) We will not know what the future beholds. So yea, have faith.

And yes, I'm starting off my degree course soon. After CNY. I'm looking forward....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

True Love Never Fails

I was reading the March 2008 Reader's Digest just last night before I went to bed. Flipping through pages after pages, I looked for titles that actually attracted me. Then, this article entitled 'An Unbreakable Bond' caught my eyes.

In short, this story brings about a lady and a man who were meant to be together right from the beginning even though there were so many obstacles between them. It was not an ordinary love story I shall remind you. There was more to it.

It revolves 2 orphans who met in a children's home in Sunderland, UK. The boy, Alan Brogan was only four when he was put in the orphanage. His mother died of cervical cancer and his father could not cope anymore. Discipline was harsh in the orphanage. Then one day, a girl called Irene was led in the orphanage. At that time, Alan was seven. He felt he had known this person all his life. *wow*. Irene was nine and her mother died of tuberculosis and her father had become an alcoholic. Friendship grew deeper between them. The staff in the orphanage did everything to keep the sexes apart. The both had fun playing with each other. Then one day, Alan asked, "When we get older, will you marry me, Irene?" ..... "Yes, of course," she replied. "But you'll have to wait a fair bit"

And, one day while the two was playing and chasing each other, Alan and Irene collapsed into a tickling match. They were in serious trouble as mention earlier, discipline was tight. Alan was taken to another children's home on the other side of Sunderland. He was sad and had many questions in his mind. He had to get back to let Irene know that he hadn't abandoned her.
Eventually, Alan finished schooling and began working. He did search for Irene. However he realised he had no way to trace her. They had never known each other's surnames. Alan then got married at 28 but his marriage failed after 7 years. He didn't want to have kids. Later, he met another lady. One day, she told Alan, "There's a woman who works there (gym) who grew up in a children's home." And her name was Irene. Such an coincidence? Is she the Irene he was looking for all this while? Alan and Irene did met and had little conversation but that was it.

Alan and the lady later broke off. Irene did get married and had 2 children with Robert, a miner. But after 7 years, their marriage failed too. She drifted through other relationships but never found security. Things moved on for while. Irene wanted to tell Alan that she had always loved him but was afraid that time she might harm his relationship with ' the lady'. But later she found out that 'the lady' had passed away and that Alan had moved to Scotland. Irene had try moving on and dated other men but later she decided, If I can't have Alan. I don't want another relationship.

One sunny day on May 10, 2004, Irene was walking down a street after workout at a gym with her friend, she saw a familiar figure. She called to Alan and suddenly they were in each other's arms. Alan explained to Irene's friend, "This is the lady I loved all my life." * Awww*

They met for a dinner and had be talking about what had been happening in each other lives in the last 44 years.

Then this was what happened...

"Maybe it would be easier in future if we had all our dinners together," Alan suggested

Alan proposed formally on a beach in December 2004.

"Yes, yes!" Irene shouted.
" I said you would have to wait a fair bit," she told him.

"It was worth it," he replied.

That was how it went.....

When I read this article, it sounds rather like a fairy-tale to me. Is this story true? But then, it was published in Reader's Digest. Where can things just drop in place so easily? So, I had to believe it. I mean yeah, I always believe that True Love Never Fails. Just have faith in it.

P.s, I wrote the story a little messy-lar. You have to read the original article.

Signing off,
Jo Lyn.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A year has gone.

The year 2008 has been a great year to me.

I've done things I haven't done before.
I learned things I never knew before.
I met people whom I haven't seen before.
I've been to places I haven't heard before.

All these has been a great experience to me. I'm learning each day and I hope that I will be able to learn and experience much more things in life. Life is so damn short. It's always now or never. And to the people around me, thanks for all the memories we shared.

Lastly, my wish to all :)
Happy New Year!

With lurve,
Jo Lyn :)

Monday, December 29, 2008


Guess this is what I do when I'm bored. Sit in front of the computer doing almost nothing except at times to clear some stuffs. I don't plan to work because my results will be out in January next year which is real soon, and then I planned to start of with my course. No more wasting time. No more! I rested enough already. Haha. The more I rest, the more lazy I will be. Oh ya, just sitting here I realised how close is it to start off a new year. I'm happy and looking forward to what comes ahead. There are actually a few things that I want to accomplish in the year 2009. To climb Mount Kinabalu is probably one of them right now. I actually saw some old men and even old ladies who successfully climb the mountain. How they managed to? That was a suprise to me. It was! All this while I thought, only people who are in their 20s or 30s or 40s climb but I was wrong. I salute them for their determination. It is not easy although it seems to look as it is. Then I thought to my self, if they can do it, why not me? Even, Kenny Sia had climbed already. If I can't do it in the year 09' then I shall wait for the years ahead.

Moving on, just a rondom shot of me and Wai Han.This picture was taken a month ago I think. We LOVE our teeth. Definitely! Thank you Mum for forcing us to brush our teeth when we were young. :)

Happy reading people.